Tidying konMari-style

Every once in awhile, especially when I travel – I redesign my “bento box” drawer the Marie Kondo way. I love doing this because it helps me engage with the sacredness of objects, and to feel connected to, (rather than alienated-from) the clothes that I wear- to truly engage appreciation for the materials. 

One thing that Marie Kondo and Maria Montessori notably have in common- is there appreciation for monochrome and colour gradations. Both of them recommend putting like-colours together, and have them escalate or de-escalate in relationship to each other. Where Kondo thinks in terms of Bento boxes. Montessori thinks in terms of trays. Not overcrowded- with no item that is broken or in need of repair- traced out so it has a specific place on the tray- and each activity has ALL the necessary tools to complete the task on one tray. This can get expensive and involve lots of multiples – for example, scissors are needs for a number of activities- which might be fine in a children’s classroom- but can get expensive when you are using professional quality tools. So a compromise between the two techniques appeals to me, and at some point I will attempt to fully integrate their colour theory. 

First day of practice on tin whistle: rattling bog

So I bought a tin whistle. It cost me $6 and it isn’t the most beautiful-sounding flute on the market, really I think there were kazoos in the store that cost more, (so bear with me!) though everything I’ve read on the Internet claims that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a decent sound) this is he best I could get on day 1. You can kind of hear my highland bagpipe background in the grace notes – and by the fact that I keep overblowing! Lolol.

ArtSnacks Sketches

My friend got me this subscription box for my birthday – and I absolutely love it, it keeps me excited about art, and challenges me to try new things πŸ€— I am lucky to have friends who know just the thing I need at any given time πŸ‘πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸ’ͺ😘


Searching for the Green Man 😊 Google dream video & photo art

Whatever happened to Google dream? It was here, and everyone was filtering their selfies, and then it was gone!? I found a site that still permits uploads, but it isn’t the same Google dream filters I remember – here are a series of 50 photos I generated (from a photograph of a shrub outside the gallery where my Moon:Human:Tree exhibit happened) and turned into video art- videos at the end of this post-